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Water Pointe Realty Group: The History

Water Pointe Realty Group: The History


In February 2018, Water Pointe Realty Group became one of the area’s largest and most experienced independent real estate firms when three successful, time-tested local agencies united under one flag. Willoughby Realty, IRP Realty, and Water Pointe Realty joined forces under the Water Pointe Realty Group name in a rare and exciting venture.

The company’s Leadership Team of Bill Dean, Dave Derrenbacker, Debra Duvall, Chris Clifford, Mark Eble and Steve Osburn made the decision to partner with each other after years of being friendly competitors and recognizing a shared set of core business values. Additionally, the team realized the potential strength and diversity of operating as one unit, to form an agency that is a dominant force in the real estate market along the Treasure Coast and northern Palm Beaches.

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