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Waterfront Living is Good for Your Health!

Waterfront Living is Good for Your Health!

waterfront living in treasure coast

“There is something about being by the water that tends to induce a sense of calm and well-being, and one marine biologist says living close to a lake, river, sea or ocean actually promotes happiness. Biologist Dr. Wallace J. Nichols wrote a book called Blue Mind which details this phenomena (1) and how living near a body of water can increase a person’s overall mental health. Other studies (2) find that when shown photographs of natural green spaces, people’s stress levels drop, but the more blue spaces in the photos, the more people prefer them.”

Good thing for us – we live surrounded by waterways and the ocean. We have a lot of waterfront real estate in the Treasure Coast – when you’re ready to live happier and healthier, call or text me today! 772-215-5824.

1), Author: Cassie Shortsleeve, 8/2017
2), Author et al: Mathew White, AmandaSmith, Kelly Humphryes, Sabine Pahl, Deborah Snelling, Michael Depledge, 4/2010


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